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The 5 Steps To Getting Sex Dating Right

In this article, we will discuss 5 Steps To Getting Sex Dating Right.

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Getting casual sex dating right isn’t rocket science. It’s all about knowing what you want and respecting the person you hook up with.

It can be fun to just unwind with someone for casual sex and leave relationships at the door. Use these 5 steps to get sex dating right.

1. Be Honest

A big part of hookups is being honest about what your intentions are.

Be clear from the start that you are only interested in sex and not a relationship. Don’t be mean or rude after you get what you want.

This means you treat others with the same grownup respect that you expect and be honest.

Discuss real expectations, share what you want, get consent and then choose the right place.

If the question arises of keeping in touch then think twice before giving your real number or asking for a number you’re not going to call.

2. Being a Good Host or Guest

A part of being a good casual sex host is allowing your guest to stay over if needed. Treat them like a guest and offer breakfast the morning after.

If you don’t want that hassle then arrange it at their place so you can make a quick getaway early morning.

Don’t forget to leave a note about how great or bad it was. And, don’t leave your number if you don’t want to go sex dating again with the same person.

3. Being Safe

Talk about safe sex and using protection. Take precautions to ensure the safety of both. Don’t be afraid to talk about STDs and tests.

If you feel at risk, take a test and ask them if they have been recently tested or need one. Clear the air about preferred protection as condoms may not protect against herpes, HPVs, etc.

If you want to try something kinky, consent to it but use your gut before engaging in something risky.

You don’t know the person or what their true intentions are so being tied up or being stuck in a vulnerable position can be a dangerous thing.

4. Strictly Sexual

Don’t lie to yourself or to your date about why you are meeting.

Don’t look for personality traits you like or dislike and don’t dig deeper about the person. You may not like them on a personal level but be civil about it and talk about sex.

By all means, unleash your inner sexual desires and play out fantasies that do not involve building a relationship.

You can relive the fun of last night and cuddle for about 15 minutes. Do it any longer and you may be sending mixed signals and that is a big no-no for sex dating.

5. Impress not Express

Don’t make romantic gestures or prepare emotional surprises. If your talents help you get laid then that’s the only time they should be used.

You are here to impress, only in bed! Casual sex has its consequences but don’t let anyone guilt you into having a relationship after a one-night stand.

Here is how to have good casual sex


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