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The Disadvantages Of No Strings Dating Sites

The disadvantages of no strings dating sites are simply the human psyche, for it is this that can interfere with your stated intentions when joining the site. Yes, we are talking about emotions. The most common reason for people being dissatisfied with no strings dating is that they

fall for the person they are seeing. Let’s take a look at the issue in depth.

Perfect for Many

Casual dating is perfect for many people. A majority of those dating on a no strings dating site is absolutely delighted with the experience. It is much simpler, in many ways than a mainstream dating site, as the main criteria will be an attraction, and there is consequently less emphasis on forging a relationship. You don’t need to meet her parents, nor do you need to iron his shirts. The human transaction can be warm and honest without involving any emotional engagement at all if that is what both parties wish. That is not to suggest that every encounter you will have on a no string site will be unemotional, or a one night stand. Some couples find that they are very compatible physically and are both totally on top of their emotional take on the situation. They can end up staying in touch for a long time, in some cases, but on a casual basis. Warmth and friendships develop, and as long as that is fine for both parties, nobody gets hurt.

Not So Perfect For Others

Not everyone can deal with the emotional control they need to indulge in no strings dating. And sometimes you do not know that until you have tried it. That is why you need to think carefully about whether it is for you. Think carefully about proceeding if you have very recently been through an upsetting break up or another major life event. Sometimes we react to trauma by seeking physical comfort, as a substitute for emotional comfort. I can help some people, but if you are feeling vulnerable, it may not be the best time. The most successful no strings daters tend to be very, very sure that this is what they want and why. It is a decision they are totally at peace with and don’t need to over-analyse it. That said, if you want to get back your confidence after a long period of being single, it is a great way of kick-starting your love life, without risking a failed relationship. Some women and men use casual dating as a ‘stop gap’ between partners.

How Do You Decide If It Is For You?

The disadvantage of sites that facilitate no strings dating is that they make it so easy, and if it is the wrong decision for you, there is only yourself to stop you from proceeding! So the best thing to do is to consider how you would feel about dipping your toes in. Ask yourself these questions:

Have you ever had a one-night stand before? How did you feel afterwards? Did it feel great, and did you feel empowered and a little bit wicked? Or did you feel a bit empty and regretful the next morning? Did you have a pang as you saw your partner walk away without a backward glance?

If you have never had a no-strings encounter then think carefully. But if you feel there is something inside that just won’t be satisfied until you have tried it, then go right ahead. There are hundreds of adults who find the lifestyle absolutely ideal for them, for all sorts of reasons. There is sometimes camaraderie amongst them, and manners tend to be impeccable. Mutual respect, warmth and good humour are most people’s experience of NSA encounters.


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