How to write a great casual dating profile

If you’re venturing into the world of casual dating for the first time then it is hugely important that you take time to write a great profile. This is your page to sell yourself to potential matches, and though you may not be looking for a soul mate, it is vital that you attract like-minded people who you can get on with, even if you’re simply having fun and sex rather than forming a lasting emotional connection.

Here are some top tips on how to write a great casual dating profile, so get typing and start your search.

Choose your photo wisely

If we’re honest, many casual daters will look at your photo first, so choose a good one. A picture paints a thousand words, so pick an image that shows off your best features. Be sure to smile, and consider using a photo that shows you doing something you enjoy, like a hobby, as you are most likely to look relaxed and natural.

Avoid photos of your half-naked body with no head – this is often assumed to be a fake photo.

Be open and honest

Don’t use your profile as a way to become the person you always wanted to be. Talk about your character, the things you like and don’t like, hobbies and so on. You don’t have to write a novel, but do give enough information so potential matches can get a good idea of whether you will get along. Don’t be afraid to show your character – a little humour can go a long way.

Don’t moan

Your profile is not the place to rant about all the things that put you off about potential matches, or to dish the dirt on past relationships. Keep things light and chatty. You want to encourage people to spend time with you, not put them off!

Leave something to the imagination

Do not write absolutely everything about you on your profile – leave something for matches to discover! Strike a balance between revealing some key bits of information so anyone who messages you has something to strike up a conversation about, but not giving away everything right at the start.

Here is our casual dating FAQ

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