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Casual Dating – How Popular is It?

When it comes to dating, not all of us want the same things. Some of us are looking for a companion, others for true love, whilst many of us are simply looking for that somebody we can share a passionate physical connection with.

However, in our modern British society, it’s the latter group which are the most shunned. Yes, we’re talking about casual sex – a practice which is still (publicly) held at arm’s length, whilst many (most?) engage in it in private.

It’s a symptom of a closeted society, one which places shame on sexual expression, rather than joy.

A side effect of that is that when it comes to casual dating, it can be difficult to know exactly how popular the practice is.

Here at Casual Dating Site, we can see from our ever-growing numbers of users looking for no-strings-attached sexual experiences that it’s incredibly popular, but what do the statistics suggest?

A survey conducted and published in The Lancet in 2013 called the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles revealed a number of interesting insights into casual sex. So, what did the survey find?

We’re Having More Sexual Partners than Ever Before

According to the survey – the third of its kind – the average number of male partners a woman has over a lifetime has increased from 3.7 in 1990/1991 to 7.7 in the latest survey. Similarly, the number of female sexual partners a man has over his lifetime has increased from 8.6 to 11.7.

Those numbers indicate a huge uptick in the number of sexual partners we have across our lives, pointing towards a much greater acceptance of casual sex than ever before.

We’re More Accepting of One Night Stands

Despite being a relatively puritanical society when it comes to sexual expression, there’s been a significant shift in the attitude towards one-night stands.

Previously held in little regard, more people than ever before are open to the idea of one-night stands, especially when they’re outside of relationships.

In contrast, people have grown keener on monogamy when inside of a relationship. Disapproval of non-exclusivity in marriage in men rose from to 45% to 63% and in women from 53% to 70%.

We’re Becoming More Liberal – But There’s Still Room to Grow

According to the survey, we’re growing more liberal in both the way we have sex and in our attitudes towards sexual experiences, but there’s still a long way to go. Case in point, half of the people now say there’s “nothing wrong” with same-sex relationships.

That’s higher than it’s ever been before, but still significantly lower than it could be.

The study found there has been a sharp rise in the proportion of women reporting ever having had a sexual experience with another woman. In 1990/1991 figure was 1.8%, but has now risen around four-fold to 7.9%.

What the study didn’t ask, however, is how often casual sex is engaged in. Nevertheless, from the facts above we can glean that not only are many of us engaging in it, but it’s becoming more common! So, what are you waiting for? Find that amazing sexual partner today!

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