Is casual dating a good idea?

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Casual dating is for people who don’t want to commit to a relationship but want the physical perks of a relationship. We’re talking about sex and gratification here, which is very different to normal dating which is all about love.

Is casual dating a good idea? Well, people have been meeting up for sex for thousands of years and will continue to do so in the future. Many people don’t want a relationship nor the associated baggage, and the great thing about casual dating is you can cut ties and meet someone new whenever you like. There’s no commitment.

What is casual dating?

This is why casual dating is often called “no strings attached” or “friends with benefits” dating. With casual dating you basically find someone new through our dating platform, meet up, decide whether you like each other physically, and have sex. In many ways, casual dating is like regular dating but with a fast-track to the good stuff. Afterwards, you can share your personal details or not. It’s entirely up to you.

Safety when meeting up

Like all dating scenarios, casual dating brings its risks. You’re meeting a stranger, so you should take necessary precautions for your safety. Meet in a public place, book a hotel with CCTV, let people know where you are and where you’re going – the usual stuff. Casual dating is only a good idea if you feel safe and comfortable.

If at any point you feel unsafe when dating, we recommend you leave immediately. If you don’t like the person you meet, there is no pressure or obligation for you to get intimate. It will be worth having a drink with your date (it doesn’t have to be alcoholic) to discuss what they like, and if you like, you can hold off on the intimacy until you feel more assured. Most people will wait because they have already gone this far.

Cutting ties and trying anew

As we alluded to previously, the great thing about casual dating is you can cut ties and meet someone new whenever you like. There’s no commitment.

A normal concern people have is privacy after they have cut ties. If you want to keep your personal life private from your dates, do not share your personal details – instead, you can communicate through our site to keep everything separate. We recommend you always do this, even if you have already met your date a few times. Doing this also makes cutting ties a lot easier because you won’t be bombarded with phone calls.

Casual dating is all about having fun. No one who enjoys the scene enters into a casual relationship looking for love. If you feel like you are getting feelings for your date and they do not feel the same way, you should cut ties and vice versa. Casual dating is best enjoyed in the simplest way – by letting your hair down and having fun. When it starts getting serious it becomes something different.