Can casual dating lead to a relationship?

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Casual dating doesn’t generally lead to a relationship because it is a way to regularly meet new people. Most members meet someone new every week and only see each other once or twice in that time. That just isn’t long enough to get to know someone, which is why we also call this form of dating ‘no strings attached’ dating.

We recommend you approach casual dating with no relationship expectation at all. The members on our platform are here to have a good time, which usually means they want casual sex with no baggage. If you want to meet someone for a committed relationship, we would say you’re in the wrong place.

That’s not to say relationships haven’t formed between members who met on the Casual Dating Site though. Some members have got in touch with us to thank us after finding their ideal partner, although these instances are rare.

Where they have happened, it is a case of both partners approaching casual dating with a view to establishing sexual compatibility before getting to know their date on a higher emotional level. In other words, some people prefer to have sex with a date before they get to know them to establish their compatibility.

If you want to use casual dating in the same way, finding a partner out of it requires the other person to want the same thing. This is difficult because most people on platforms like ours just want to have a good time. This is why we always recommend approaching dating of this type with no relationship expectation.

How can you turn your casual sexual relationship into something serious?

If you really, really like the person you are having casual sex with, it’s important to remember they may not feel the same way. If you met on our site or a similar platform there’s every chance they are only interested in the sex and not you on a personal level. It sounds harsh, but that’s the reality of casual and no strings attached dating.

If you believe the other person may feel the same way, you’re going to want to determine if that’s really the case. Don’t tiptoe around the issue if you want a proper answer, just pose the question: would you ever want to take this further?

If you don’t feel confident asking that, pay attention to the other person’s words and actions when they speak to you. Do they look forward to seeing you? Are you making their life easier? Does he or she text you during the night or during the day? Little signs like this can hint that the other person wants your casual relationship to go further. But then again, they may just be lonely so it’s still important to eventually ask the question.

So yes, casual dating can lead to a relationship, but the temporary nature of this type of dating means it is rare for lasting relationships to form.