How to Make an Open Relationship Work

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The internet has forever changed the way we look at and approach sexual relationships. What was once taboo is now common place and all over the world, people are enjoying more open and liberating sex than ever before. 

Open relationships are becoming a more popular choice for those looking for no strings attached dating. It’s a way of enjoying the best of both worlds, with the security of a loving relationship combined with the flexibility to explore your sexual needs in an honest way.

For some, open relationships are simply a way to have your cake and eat it too but we think that great open relationships are not only possible but the ideal way for some couples to maintain a happy and healthy partnership.

If you’re thinking about opening up your relationship it can be an exciting and confusing time. Maybe you are already exploring an casual dating site? Maybe you feel nervous about finally taking the plunge?

  • Relax

Open relationships can and do work. Follow these simple guidelines to successfully navigate the transition into a more open kind of love.

  • Set Ground Rules

Even open relationships need rules. These could be to do with the level of intimacy you will enjoy with an ‘outside partner’, how much you share about your experiences and if there is anything or anyone who is off-limits. You may have hundreds of rules or just one – either is fine as long as they are agreed by both partners.

  • Be Respectful

Whatever type of relationship you have, respect is key to its success. This means not breaking ground rules, not doing anything to upset or embarrass the other partner and putting their feelings before your desires and needs. If you can’t do that, it may be that an open relationship is not for you.

  • Be Honest

Do you really want an open relationship? Are you ok with your partner staying out all night? Are you prepared to embrace no strings attached dating? Do you want to share your situation with family and friends? These are just a few of the questions that you have to ask and answer with complete honesty. In many ways, an open relationship is the most honest type of relationship there is.

  • Leave Jealousy at the Door

The stumbling block for many open relationships is jealousy. You have probably been hardwired from childhood that monogamy is the key to happiness. It takes quite a bit to overcome that circuit. To make this work you need to relax your previous thinking on jealousy and relationships. This can be incredibly liberating when achieved in the right way.

  • Start Small

You probably shouldn’t jump into an adult dating site and arrange meetings with multiple partners straight away. Start with small adventures and check your comfort levels as you go. If these initial explorations go well, then you can expand in frequency and diversity. Small steps work best with open relationships – don’t rush things.

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