What does casual dating mean to a man/woman?

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Casual dating is a type of dating where you meet up with someone for sex without any relationship expectation. In other words, without any expectation of the extra commitments of a more formal romantic relationship.

You might know this type of interaction as a “casual fling” “friends with benefits” or “no strings attached” dating. To a man or a woman thi,s means the same thing – sleeping with someone without wanting it to get serious.

Is casual dating serious?

No, at least not in 99% of cases.

Casual dating is hardly ever serious because people generally aren’t looking to find the love of their life through it. This is contrary to regular dating, where two people usually meet to form a bond and romance. Casual dating is basically a no-commitment liaison between two or more people who are looking to have a good time. That’s all.

In the 1% of cases that do turn into a serious relationship, it’s because both people approached casual dating looking for love without knowing that’s what they wanted. One casual fling can lead to another and so on.

So, it casual dating meaningless?

Good question. The answer is obviously no.

Our members get a lot of satisfaction out of casual dating. Some of our members are lonely and enjoy the interaction with meeting new people. Some of our members would otherwise not have the opportunity to have sex.

Some of our members use casual dating as a stepping stone to another more serious relationship after leaving a toxic one. Whatever you want to get out of casual dating, you’ll find value in it if your expectations align with the people you meet.

Is there a difference in how men and women approach casual dating?

There is a difference between the way most men and women approach casual dating – men are usually more inclined to sleep with more new people than women. Women will usually have one or two liaisons every few months. Men can double up on that.

The reason for this as we see it is men are less agreeable. This is not always the case of course but a consistency can be found in the way different genders approach casual dating, with women more inclined to meet less people.

What is the biggest difference between casual dating and regular dating?

We would say the biggest difference is not having to check in with anyone. You don’t even have to exchange phone numbers.

If you want to see someone else, change your plans or even leave the country tomorrow you can do it without letting the people you meet know and that’s very different to other forms of dating where there is usually an expectation.

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What is casual dating?