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Look, let’s be honest here – signing up for a casual sex website can be pretty scary, even for the most sexually adventurous of us. Just like anything scary in life, it involves us putting ourselves out there and seeing how the world reacts.

Whether it’s a job interview, a first date or going to a party – that nervous energy comes from the same place, and though it can give you a moment of pause, it should never stop you.

Every single day, countless people are liberating themselves, scratching itches and feeling the thrill of casual sex. Here’s why you should join them:

1) You desire it.

Perhaps most importantly of all, it’s something that you want, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. For many of us, we grow up in a society which tells us that not only is casual sex rare, it’s wrong. It’s a lie which doesn’t correspond with the way that so many of feel inside, or our basic biology, which is designed to sustain and promote casual sex.

Nevertheless, that childhood tale sticks with us and makes us feel shameful for seeking casual dating experiences later in life. We’re here to tell you, stop seeking that permission – go out and please yourself and others.

2) Sexual freedom is enjoying a moment unlike any since the 60s and 70s.

Ever since the mid-1960s blew the doors open on sexual freedom, the ebb and flow of open sexuality have been quite incredible. Through the sixties and seventies, it flourished but came under immense scrutiny during the aids epidemic. Since then, it never truly recovered and yet, today, it has roared back to broad acceptability.

In line with a more empathetic approach to sexuality and a broader understanding of the parameters of human sexuality, people feel freer than ever to fulfil their desires.

It’s been fuelled by technology too. Casual dating websites and apps have meant that no longer do you have to know the right people, attend the right club or frequent the correct location. Instead, you can discover partners anywhere and at any time – it’s just another example of how technology has acted as the great liberator.

3) You’re in total control.

Do you know that old idiom that goes ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’? Well, that’s the case with casual online dating. With many casual dating services like ours offering completely free sign up, you’ll face no financial strain for dipping your toe in. But more than that, online casual dating services give you total control over how involved you want to be.

If you want to merely check out the options available? That’s cool. Want to get in touch with somebody for a dirty chat? That’s great. Want to meet up? That’s entirely up to you. Online dating, in general, gives you total control of what you do and who you do it with, and how far you go.