Top Five Places to Get It On

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We asked a sample of the daters who use our websites, what was their favourite place to get steamy with their date. Here are a few of their responses – perhaps you’d like to tell us about your own?


“I find sex in a car a real winner. It reminds me of being a teenager again, with all the fumbling around and the slight contortions you need to make. There is nothing like it if you want a quick intense encounter – the other advantage is you can have privacy without having to find a room or go back to someone’s house. The only disadvantage is if someone peeks in the window while you’re at it. If you don’t enjoy the dogging thing, then be careful where you park! Give me an old car for a softer suspension and then if the mood’s right we really get things rocking.” – Donna G, 43. Member of our milf dating website


“I like the great outdoors personally. Parks you have to go to after dark, of course, but if you go out into the countryside there is nothing like a hot sunny day and a light breeze on your skin. Getting naked outside has something primitive about it. I just like the illicit feel of it too. Of course, you still have to be careful not to get spotted, but there is usually plenty of cover!” Phil, 22. Member of no strings attached dating


“Hotels have to be the top choice for me. It’s clean and simple, you can walk in and walk out, without any strings. The beds are pretty comfortable, you have total privacy and nobody knows where you live. It is perfect for the one off no-strings fun encounter.” Karen, 47.

Public Places

“I know it’s a bit dodgy, but I find having sex somewhere that is almost public a real turn on. Perhaps it is the risk of getting caught, or the feeling it is something barely legal. My top encounter was in a disused room in a huge art gallery. We just found it by chance and sneaked in. We could hear all the visitors walking by outside, and the thought they could walk in any minute just added to the excitement” Mandy, 52. member of our adult dating website


“I know it’s a bit old-fashioned, but I just like being at my own place. If we’re cool with meeting up, and the trust is there, then I like to make it a bit of an occasion. I can cook, put the lights down low and have all I need right there. I like a shower before, preferably with company, so it just suits me fine.” Steve, 24.

 No strings attached. Is it possible if the sex is good?