No Strings Attached – is it possible if the sex is good?

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This is a great question. Is it true that women and men can remain totally disengaged emotionally, if they have fantastic sex? The standard reply, with a wink, is that of course men can, but for women it is more likely to be a problem. Why is this? And it is true? We asked two Milf-daters to give us a view on the issue. First, Debs (52) talks about what it is like a woman who enjoys NSA sex.

“I didn’t feel the need to conform”

“As a woman, people have many expectations about how you should feel about sex. Like it or not, there are a ton of stereotypes, and some women do conform to them. I have never felt like that, and one of the things l like about this site, and NSA sex in general, is that I don’t feel judged for just being myself. I love men, and I love having sex, but that doesn’t mean I want to have a relationship with every man I sleep with. For me, some of the best sex I’ve ever had has been with guys I never see again. Perhaps the best time was with a guy who I slept with three times in total. The second and third time we barely spoke, just got down to it. It got better with each time we met, which is probably why we did it more. But after three sessions we both just walked away. It was fantastic, but I felt no need to know more about him, or for him to get involved with me. With NSA sex you don’t have those expectations on you as a woman. It is very liberating”

Mandy clearly feels empowered by NSA encounters. For her it is a way of breaking out of the expectations placed on her by others. She finds real freedom in this lifestyle. Now, listen to what Matt (25) thinks about the same issue:

“I do feel a connection”

“As a man engaging in NSA sex, I have to say my experience has been mixed. At first I found it was like being a kid in a sweet shop. With Milf-dating you have quite an exclusive choice of women, and it was great to be able to hook up with someone whenever I felt like it. The sex was always great. Some of the women I met in the early days on the site I did see several times. And I found it difficult for my relationships with those women to remain as NSA sexual encounters. The sex was mind-blowing, and then we’d sit and have a drink or go to the pub. I got to know them as people, and the more I did the better the sex was. I found that by getting to know the women the sex got better for me. I definitely do feel a connection after great sex. The strings might be loose, but they are there for me sometimes.”

So, there you go – never make assumptions about men and women’s needs and desires. They will almost always surprise you!

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