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Having a No Strings relationship can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Getting the physical attention you need without the emotional stuff of a full-blown relationship is many peoples idea of the perfect arrangement. This is often the case, but when should you move on from this type of relationship?

When you are in a no-strings relationship there is a chance that you might let true love pass you by. Of course, it would depend on your view of love and what it means, whether or not you are of the opinion that there is someone for everyone. It also depends on what you want from life, whether you want to settle down in the future or are happy to be ‘unattached’ forever.

Whatever your opinion is at the moment, there is a chance that this will change as you get older. This is particularly so for women. I know this might sound a little sexist, but as friends settle down, get married and have children a lot of women feel that they are being left behind and nature starts making the body clock tick louder. There might come a time when women want more than just great sex. Women are naturally more nurturing than men and hormones can often dictate that babies are required, along with the need to settle down.

Having a no-strings relationship has the potential to stop people finding the person they should be with, if you are not open to a relationship then it might just pass you by. There is also the chance that you could meet the man (or woman) of your dreams when you are in the midst of a no-strings relationship. What happens then?

This would depend on what you want at the time. If you are happy with a no-strings arrangement then why change that? But if there is any hint that you want something more, this should be given some serious thought before you make a decision.

There are two scenarios here. The first is that you ignore what your instincts are telling you and continue with the no-strings relationship. The possible outcomes here are that you will continue to be happy having regular, awesome sex for a long time to come. The other is that you continue with the no-strings relationship but have this niggling thought at the back of your mind which says ‘What if..?’ what if the other guy (or girl) was the person you would have spent the rest of your life with? There is the chance that you could regret letting them pass you by.

The second scenario is that you take the opportunity to start a more meaningful relationship and end the casual dating arrangement. Again there are two possible outcomes, the first being that the new relationship works out well and there is a long-term, meaningful relationship. The other is that there is a shorter meaningful relationship, in this case, you can go back to the no-strings relationship if the door is left open. If not, then you can find another friend with benefits. Whichever happens, in this case, it would appear that it is a win-win situation with no regrets.

I guess what I am saying here is to not allow yourself to become absorbed in a no-strings relationship. Don’t miss the other opportunities which come along by being satisfied with what you have. This is the case with any relationship in which there is little or no commitment. A missed opportunity can be the difference between true happiness and second best.