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Casual Dating Terms Explained – NSA, DTF, ONS, MBA

Language is a remarkable thing. It only takes a cursory glance of books from even a hundred years ago to see that though we speak the same language, it’s changed dramatically.

Each and every day we’re innovating on the language, dreaming up new words and phrases, attaching meaning and creating abbreviations to help us navigate an increasingly technological world.

Some of those abbreviations are so ubiquitous as to be entirely unremarkable, like ‘lol’ and ‘tbh’, but there are other, more mysterious terms that might well confuse you if you’ve never encountered them before. That’s never truer than when it comes to the casual dating site, which has its own unique set of phrases. So, what do you need to know? Let’s take a look

  • NSA – No Strings Attached. This phrase has grown increasingly popular for online daters looking for casual fun, so much so that it’s a part of our name too! No strings attached can mean anything from a one-night stand to an open, polygamous relationship. Broadly, it’s just an entry point to the wide world of commitment-free relationships.
  • DTF – Down to Fuck. More commonly found in America but spreading quickly over here in the UK, DTF simply means that a person is ready for action.
  • ONS – One Night Stand. Similar to NSA though much more specific, ONS refers to a desire to engage in – you guessed it – a one-night stand.
  • MBA – Married but Available. Relationships can be complex, and more often than we might think, spouses are willing (and often excited by the prospect) to see their partner make love with somebody else. If you’re comfortable with such a situation, then keep an eye out for this phrase.
  • FWB – Friends with Benefits. Keen to keep it casual, whilst still enjoying multiple sexual encounters with one person? FWB could be the term you’re looking for.
  • W4M/M4W/W4T/M4T/T4T – When you’re on casual dating websites you might well encounter terms like M4W or T4M, but what do they mean? Quite simply, it’s a way of stating what you’re interested in. M means man, W means woman and T means trans. Sometimes you’ll even see things like MW4M, which is a man and a woman looking for a threesome with another man.
  • CD – Cross Dresser. If you see this in a profile, it means that the person is either a crossdresser or interested in crossdressers.
  • DDF – Drug and Disease Free. DDF is a common phrase amongst those who regularly utilise adult dating websites, it states that they’re both drug and disease free – something we can all get behind.
  • W/S – Water Sports. Another fetish related abbreviation that you might well find on a casual dating website.

These are just some of the more common terms that you might well come across when you’re using an online dating website, so keep an eye out for them. Spotted an abbreviation that we missed? Share it with us in the comments! So, what is casual dating?

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