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How To Have Good Casual Sex

People have more opportunities for casual sex than ever before. Along with bars and parties, sex dating sites and apps have made it easier than ever to hookup instantly.

Unlike meeting in person, hooking up online requires more caution. Getting scammed online or being catfished is a real possibility. What you see on their profile may not match their real-life looks or personality.  Make sure you’re meeting the same person you met online. You should also portray a true image of your real-life personality but don’t reveal too much personal info.

Here are 5 more pointers for good casual sex.

Brush up your sexual knowledge!

Learning to read a person is a key skill in the casual sex dating scene.

It’s common for experienced people to enjoy casual sex more.

A key reason for this is sex education. If you are clueless about female or male anatomy and how to push sexual buttons then you’re not going to have a good time meeting for sex.

Unless you know that women take longer than men to orgasm, you won’t be putting in the effort to please both of you.

Learning how to make someone orgasm will lead to multiple casual sex dates instead of one disappointing one.

Read up on how to find and excite the g-spot if you expect sparks to fly.

Be smart, be respectful!

Society can be harsh to those who are into casual sex, so make sure to practice discretion.

If a date goes bad then don’t go about ranting about it online or on social media. Regret and guilt can come crashing if you don’t take precaution.

Treat your partner with respect before, during and after sex.

Just because you’re meeting for sex doesn’t mean you kick them out or treat them without any dignity after it’s done.

Be clear about your arrangement

Avoiding emotional attachment is mandatory for sex dating.

A bit of passion is necessary to get someone into the mood. But don’t go too heavy with romance.

Woo your partner into sex but don’t deceive them with hopes of a relationship. Confirm that both of you want the same thing.

Make intentions clear from both sides and leave emotions out.

Ask yourself why you want to meet for sex? Is it to make an ex jealous or because you really want to?

Having a clear idea of why you want to do it makes you guilt-free. Don’t let the heat of passion make you blurt out things you will regret later.

If you and your partner don’t agree on why you want to have casual sex, then you are doing it wrong.

Keep It Uncomplicated

Your personality, values and traits define how comfortable you are with the idea of sex without love.

You should also ensure your partner shares the same comfort as you. If one of you cannot keep love and sex separate then you are heading for a disaster.

Choosing the right person for sex dating makes all the difference. Having sex with a willing friend can get awkward or you two can become friends with benefits.

This possibility depends entirely on how well both of you communicate about casual sex.

Here are 5 more tips to getting sex dating right

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