Advantages of a No Strings Dating Site

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The first advantage of a no strings dating site is that you save yourself the kind of experience Clint Eastwood had in Play Misty For Me or Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction. The general idea of most people looking for a casual relationship is not to hurt the other party. Meeting someone in a more general setting, be that a general online dating site or in a bar, and then floating the idea of a casual relationship is fraught with problems. The other person might not really understand what you are proposing. They probably don’t have any experience of casual dating and may assume that your attitude to a full-blown relationship will change in time. If you know what you want then these hazards can cause you a genuine problem. If you are already in a committed relationship that has become sexless then this could cause even more of a crisis for you.

Likeminded People

What you really need is a place where people have already made the emotional decision that what they need for their own fulfilment is a casual, no strings arrangement with person(s) they trust. This really is where the causal no strings dating site comes into its own. Many reasons can bring people to these sites but the one thing they do have in common is their need for casual relationships, safe and consensual sex and probably multiple partners.

Most sites leave you in no doubt about who is there and why. There are often online multiple choice questions that, under the guise of matching you up with willing daters, extract a great deal from you about your attitude to sex, your likes a dislikes and your desires for partners. Everything from physical characterises (it can be hard to get a sense of scale from a picture) through to experiences and desires. In some cases you may be asked to rate your openness to specific sexual activity be that oral, anal, voyeurism and outdoor sports, to use of equipment and more. The goal is to match you up for maximum fun and minimum risk by bringing like-minded people together in an environment where they can explore potential liaisons without putting themselves at physical or emotional risk. After all, online you can be almost anyone you want.

Be Honest

Of course when it comes to physical meets you really ought to match your profile and your experience or all bets are very likely to be off and your reputation will plummet on the site. There is an enormous community spirit in terms of protecting others from people who aren’t who they purport to be. That isn’t to say that the use of aliases is frowned on at all. This isn’t the place where you will find answers to your family relationships, your career choices or your financial crisis.

It could be argued that no strings dating has advantages over other forms of dating, in that you both know what you have signed up for. But there are the same dangers of misunderstandings and mismatches. Take these in your stride and quickly move on.

And casual dating means casual so forget the demands you made of your last committed partner or the expectation that someone will be there to grab at precisely when you need them. Expect to work hard for attentions and harder still to land a meeting, but maintain your integrity all that time and don’t be tempted to lie someone into bed – it is likely to result in a movie style ending that is about as far away from a fairy tale as you could imagine.

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