Dealing with sexual performance anxiety

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Contrary to popular belief it is not just men and women in long-term relationships that experience failure to reach climax during sex. Problems in the bedroom can occur regardless of your current relationship status and with little regard for the number of sexual partners you regularly spend time with. Sexual performance anxiety can sneak into the bedroom when you’re busy doing nothing.

Sexual performance anxiety develops from a source that ruminates on what might happen. When your mind is full of erotic thoughts there is little room for concern over how many times you’ll have sex later or whether you and your partner will get to enjoy climax. Only when you allow your everyday life worries to slip into the bedroom do you give permission to performance anxiety to spoil your fun. You will need to learn to be strict about how much stress you allow yourself to handle, in order to reduce bedroom issues.

Sexual Healing

There may be biological or medical reasons why you are presently unable to perform. Failure to get and hold an erection could be caused by many underlying issues, and are best discussed with a medical professional. If you have been experiencing high levels of stress recently, due to personal concerns, this too could be blocking your libido and impacting on your bedroom performance. Getting checked out means you will be better informed about what to do to reduce sexual performance anxiety.

Your temporary sexual malfunction is most likely not found in your penis or pussy. Usually it resides in your head where all the random thoughts control how you feel, what you do and how you experience things. A good practice to get into is learning to switch off from day-to-day stress and problems the moment you walk into the bedroom. For nsa encounters it may be worth mentally switching off and physically switching on the excitement and anticipation of the one night stand, in advance. Getting in the mood reduces anxiety levels and clears your thoughts of ‘what ifs’.

Keep It Real

For real sex to be enjoyable it is not essential that a man or woman reaches orgasm. Real sex is about more than the money shot. No strings fun sex is about enjoying the mystery and perceived danger of having sex with someone who is almost a stranger. If you are unable to get an erection or experience problems ejaculating it’s not the end of the world. There is still a lot of extended foreplay to be enjoyed and you have the perfect opportunity to let your imagination take control of the situation. If you get to orgasm that’s a bonus. Ensuring you explore those naughty thoughts keeps passion alive and focuses on your desire.

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