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How to Dress For A First Date: For The Ladies

First dates are scary, even if you’re not looking for a long-term relationship. You’re putting yourself out there and your date can’t help but make judgements on what you wear. It’s simply a fact of life, but you don’t need … Read More

Should you find a lonely housewife for casual sex?

Absolutely you should, after all why not? In today’s society there are very few limits on relationships. Society has become increasingly non-judgemental when it comes to what a man and a woman are doing in the comfort of their own … Read More

When a No Strings Relationship gets in the way.

Having a No Strings relationship can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Getting the physical attention you need without the emotional stuff of a full blown relationship is many peoples idea of the perfect arrangement. This is often the case, … Read More

Should you date when having a no strings relationship?

I am probably going to cause some controversy here, but this is a question that keeps popping in to my head so I thought I would throw it out there and discuss it. The essence of a no strings dating … Read More