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We are not all the same

Ah, casual sex. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone thinks their opinion is the one which should apply to everyone. It’s been a topic of much scrutiny this week as a former reality show took to BBC Radio … Read More

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Casual Dating. The First Step is the Hardest

So you have heard about all the great results with casual dating but you still have not done anything about it? It is understandable. Taking that first step into the world of online dating is the hardest.  Jumping in to … Read More

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The Disadvantages Of No Strings Dating Sites

The disadvantages of no strings dating sites is simply the human psyche, for it is this that can interfere in your stated intentions when joining the site. Yes, we are talking emotions. The most common reason for people being dissatisfied … Read More

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Tinder Nails Casual Sex

How do we come to terms with the fact that the world is being pulled in a direction that to some of us feels almost alien, (especially those of us over the age of fifty)… The world is becoming more … Read More

Advantages of a No Strings Dating Site

The first advantage of a no strings dating site is that you save yourself the kind of experience Clint Eastwood had in Play Misty For Me or Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction. The general idea of most people looking for … Read More

How to Choose a Casual Dating Site

So you’ve made up your mind to engage in a bit of casual dating. You’ve read all the advice and warnings, the etiquette guides and the does and don’ts. You’re ready. So, how do you choose the first casual dating … Read More

Dealing with sexual performance anxiety

Contrary to popular belief it is not just men and women in long-term relationships that experience failure to reach climax during sex. Problems in the bedroom can occur regardless of your current relationship status and with little regard for the … Read More

A Shag A Day Keeps Depression At Bay

Sex, in many of its varied forms, can boost confidence and self-esteem and make you feel, even if temporarily, that you don’t have a care in the world. A sexual encounter lifts your mood and enhances your wellbeing whilst also … Read More

So how casual is casual dating?

Let’s start off with this excellent definition which we took from those wonderful people at Wikipedia. If you haven’t checked out this site then you are in for a treat as it is the font of almost all knowledge although … Read More

A discourse on adult dating

If there seems to be are there are many ways to stay the same thing.  One such area is dating.  This is sometimes described as no strings attached dating and sometimes as casual dating.  They all mean the same the … Read More