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Is casual dating a good idea?

Casual dating is for people who don’t want to commit to a relationship but want the physical perks of a relationship. We’re talking about sex and gratification here, which is very different to normal dating which is all about love. … Read More


When to stop casual dating

Casual dating is all about having a little fun when you want it. There are no strings attached here, but you might want to stop after a while. There are three common reasons why you might want to stop casual … Read More

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What does casual dating mean to a man/woman?

Casual dating is a type of dating where you meet up with someone for sex without any relationship expectation. In other words, without any expectation of the extra commitments of a more formal romantic relationship. You might know this type … Read More

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Can casual dating lead to a relationship?

Casual dating doesn’t generally lead to a relationship because it is a way to regularly meet new people. Most members meet someone new every week and only see each other once or twice in that time. That just isn’t long … Read More

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How to Make an Open Relationship Work

The internet has forever changed the way we look at and approach sexual relationships. What was once taboo is now common place and all over the world, people are enjoying more open and liberating sex than ever before.  Open relationships … Read More


Casual Dating Terms Explained – NSA, DTF, ONS, MBA

Language is a remarkable thing. It only takes a cursory glance of books from even a hundred years ago to see that though we speak the same language, it’s changed dramatically. Each and every day we’re innovating on the language, … Read More

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New Study Reveals Casual Sex Shock

It’ll come as no surprise for you to hear that when it comes to casual sex and online dating, attitudes have changed dramatically over the last couple of decades, but just how much? Anecdotal evidence aside, we haven’t often had … Read More

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Why you Shouldn’t Be Nervous about Trying Casual Dating

Look, let’s be honest here – signing up for a casual sex website can be pretty scary, even for the most sexually adventurous of us. Just like anything scary in life, it involves us putting ourselves out there and seeing … Read More

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Can No Strings Attached Turn Into a Relationship?

When it comes to relationships, it’s fair to say that nobody has all the answers. We come into any kind of relationship as different people, with different wants, needs and desires which have to be reconciled if we’re to make … Read More

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How to Dress For A First Date: For The Ladies

First dates are scary, even if you’re not looking for a long-term relationship. You’re putting yourself out there and your date can’t help but make judgements on what you wear. It’s simply a fact of life, but you don’t need … Read More