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When it comes to relationships, it’s fair to say that nobody has all the answers. We come into any kind of relationship as different people, with different wants, needs and desires which have to be reconciled if we’re to make any sort of success of it.

That’s difficult enough to manage in a ‘traditional’ relationship, but when you’re in a no strings attached arrangement, things are entirely different and, accordingly, has its own sets of challenges.

One of the great appeals – heck, it’s even in the name – is that these relationships are completely free from obligation. There are no strings and no relationships – just mutual pleasure and enjoyment.

They’re a hugely welcome break for the millions of us who find the pressures of a committed, full-time relationship, but time and time again we’re asked whether no strings attached relationships can work long term, or whether no strings attached can turn into love.

The answer, of course, is yes. We’re human beings and, frankly, we can fall in love in almost any circumstances. Attraction can lead to emotional attachment and from there, maybe even a relationship. These things happen every single day. However, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, no strings attached dating websites shouldn’t be your first port of call.

Why? Let us explain.

Most People Here Aren’t Looking for Love

It’s entirely possible to fall in love with somebody you meet through a no strings attached relationship, and indeed, for that relationship to be a success. That has never been in doubt.

However, the fact remains that those who join a no strings attached dating website are overwhelmingly not looking to fall in love. They want fun, freedom, sexual compatibility and, often, the chance to enjoy more than one partner.

Far from a slight on those looking for a committed relationship, an individual looking for a no strings attached relationship is simply following their happiness.

Love and Relationships are Happy Surprises, Not Expected in No Strings Attached Relationships

The primary difference between a website like ours and a traditional dating website is the expectations of the people who use it. On a traditional dating website, the vast, vast majority of those individuals are looking for friendship, companionship, love and relationships.

They want to explore the long-term potential of a partner, get to know somebody deeply and, potentially, fall in love.

On Casual Dating? Well, they’re looking to hop into bed with somebody that turns them on. It’s often nothing deeper than that, and for our users, that’s all they need and want.

Nobody here is expecting to fall in love. If they were, they’d be on one of those other dating websites. With that said, it’s not like no strings attached relationships can’t turn into love or work long-term.

The only real way to know if your no strings attached relationship is built to last into the future is to be direct and ask your partner where they see things heading. If they’re open to a longer relationship, great! If not, just enjoy the sexual freedom offered by no strings attached dating.