A Shag A Day Keeps Depression At Bay

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Sex, in many of its varied forms, can boost confidence and self-esteem and make you feel, even if temporarily, that you don’t have a care in the world. A sexual encounter lifts your mood and enhances your wellbeing whilst also helping you keep worries and negative thoughts at bay. Primarily this is because you are just too busy enjoying yourself to think about anything else.

Casual or nsa sex has the added bonus of limiting the amount of emotional connection, with another person, that you allow yourself to experience, which means you are more able to focus entirely on your needs whether they are mental, emotional or purely physical. If you feel that having casual sexual encounters is rewarding you are also more likely to be the type of person who most easily maintains an optimistic view and a lighter, brighter mood.

The Appliance of Science

Sociosexuality is the measure researchers use to gauge a person’s willingness to engage in sexual encounters outside of a committed relationship. Men and women with a low sociosexual orientation are more likely to call it a night, after meeting a stranger in bar, and head home on their own. Their more optimistic, higher scoring counterparts, on the other hand, will be swinging from the chandelier at any opportunity and will be happily engaging in sex without commitment, love or closeness.

The effect of nsa sex on wellbeing really depends on how you view casual encounters in the first place. If you view sex as an enjoyable form of social recreation to be enjoyed at every opportunity, and with variable partners, you will be less inclined to experience moods that are burdened by emotional concerns and issues. Regular sex, regardless of whether or not a regular partner is involved, has a natural mood-lifting outcome.

The Feelgood Factor

Feeling good about your self should be everyone’s primary concern and focus. There’s no need to have a hang up about having casual hook ups. After all sex with no strings means you get all the fun with none of the hassle. Removing all the emotional baggage from sex leaves more room to explore all the enjoyable fun stuff. It is the emotional overload of life – being in a relationship, bringing up children, taking on unlimited responsibilities – that impact on your emotions in a heavy, darker more negative way. Lightening the emotional load you carry around with you, day-to-day, lifts your spirit and frees you to be yourself and to act the way that feels good for you, in or out of the bedroom.

So how casual is casual dating?