Your First Casual Dating Experience

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You aren’t looking for a relationship. You don’t need a long-term partner. In fact, you are happier than you have ever been and you know you want to stay single. That doesn’t mean you don’t desire intimacy, affection and let’s face it, sex.

If this sounds like you then you have probably considered joining a casual or no strings attached dating site. But something is holding you back. It could be nerves or a simple fear of the unknown, it could be that you just don’t know what to expect. Whatever the reason, if you want to move forward (and casual dating is what you really want) then you need to move past this fear.

We have explored the casual dating experience below – to help you decide if this could be the right path for you.

It works like any other online dating site

Your first step is connecting with someone you like. Someone who makes you feel a spark of something, someone who interests or excites you. Initiate a chat online and decide if you want to take things further. Remember to follow site safety guidelines and never move forward unless you feel completely comfortable. Spend time getting to know each other in an online space before deciding if you are ready to take the next step.

Other members are just like you

You will probably be surprised that other members are just like you. Adults who want something a little different than mainstream dating can offer them. There is a whole community out there who feel the way you do. Take a look – you might want to get to know a few members of this community a little better.

You are in control

If you decide you want to meet someone offline, you are in control of when, where and how. It may be that your first meetup is simply to get to know each other a little better or you could feel comfortable jumping straight into something more intense. There is no pressure – the great thing about casual dating is you get to go at your own pace.

It’s a lot of fun

Once you get over the first nervous steps you will probably find that casual dating is a lot of fun. You could find opportunities to act out fantasies, to connect with amazing partners and perhaps even discover something about your own sexuality. The freedom to explore who you are and what you want from your intimate life is incredibly liberating.

It’s addictive (in the best possible way)

Once you have enjoyed a taste of casual dating you probably won’t want to stop. Having the freedom to explore intimacy and be completely in control of your own desires can be addictive. It’s also immensely liberating! You overcame your fears – now strap in – it’s time to enjoy your casual dating ride.

Are you ready to leap? Sign up to casual dating today and start dating on your own terms.