Casual Dating Soars in Popularity

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For many of us, as we were growing up, monogamy was the norm. People stuck it out in relationships with one person, at one time and things were, frankly, pretty dull.

It seems like we could be finally waking up to the benefits of casual and no strings attached dating as more and more of us look for a flexible way to date. Our membership recently soared by a staggering 270% and anecdotally it seems that society is much more accepting to casual relationships than it has been at any time in the past.

What are the reasons behind this shift in attitudes and could an casual dating be for you? We took a closer look at the changes that are driving a more open approach to sex and intimacy.

Dating Apps Make Hooking Up a Breeze

The ever-expanding connectivity of our digital world means just one thing. Sex is easier to access than ever. We can flip through potential partners on our lunch break or book in no strings attached dating at any time of day, almost anywhere in the world. This constant availability is tempting and is allowing more and more of us to experiment with casual fun.

Attitudes to Sex Have Changed

Almost every generation has a more liberal attitude to sex than their parents’ generation before. This generation is no different, in a world of polyamory, gender fluidity and increased focus on self-gratification, it is no wonder that many of us feel sexually liberated enough to bend or even change the rules. And why not? Exploring sex in a safe, no strings environment is an exciting way to find out more about yourself.

Casual Dating is Exciting

The thrill of signing up to an adult dating site is second only to going on that first intimate date. Monogamy can be wonderful but also incredibly boring – lots of us wish for a little more excitement in our life and casual dating is an amazing way to up your excitement levels. Why not experiment with no strings attached dating and see how it makes you feel?

The Media are More Open About Sex

Gone are the days when presenters wouldn’t dare to mention so much as a nipple on national TV. Sex not only sells, it is one of our favourite topics of conversation. We simply can’t get enough of our own or anyone else’s sex lives. This has put sex on the table, helping to relax our attitude to things like numbers of sexual partners and fetishes.

Is Adult Dating For You?

Casual dating may sound amazing but are you ready to take the next step? It’s something to think about carefully. Look over casual dating sites to get a feel for how it all works and take a little extra time to read over tips for keeping yourself safe and secure. If you still can’t stop thinking about exploring this side of yourself then it is probably a sign you are ready – why not take the plunge?

On our adult dating site, you find thousands of sexy singles just waiting to connect with like-minded partners.

Start your adventure and begin to explore the steamier side of online dating.