Top 5 Reasons Why Adult dating is For You! Even if You Don’t Know It Yet

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There are millions and millions of people on-line everyday. There have been an astounding number of people that have met, fell in love and got married through online dating sites. There are also millions who prefer adult (casual) dating also. What does this mean to you? It means that online dating is no longer the “exception” when it comes to the rules of dating. It means that online no strings attached dating is THE way to date.

The reality is no matter  where you live using online dating does not restrict who you meet. For most of us that are 40 and over we know that the “pickins are slim” and we know that it can be really hard to get out there and meet someone. Of course because we are in between THAT generation of people that use the internet but did not grow up using the internet it can feel a little strange and even a bit seedy to meet someone online.

It is strange to us to meet someone online because we learned that dating was something you did in person. That you had to have face to face meetings to get to know someone. Of course today “face to face” means something completely different.  You are making the right choice! Here is the evidence that this is right for you.

1. You are busy! Being too busy to get out or adding the additional stress of trying to find time between all your other responsibilities to go out socially with the hopes that you will meet someone is just one more stress that you do not need.  Think of it as a “life filter” of sorts. You get to meet people and filter through them till you meet someone you want to move forward with.

2. All the right people in your area are unavailable. You never know who is living a couple of towns over or cities over or even on another continent that is going to be the right match for you.

3. You are tired of blind dates with friend’s cousins. Getting fixed up gets old pretty quick.

4. You are not really sure what you want. Online dating frees you up to flirt a little or build long term relationships or just meet new friends for sex. No pressure.

5. It is nice to make your own choices without any input. Everyone has advice about dating and who you should be dating.